Hope Warriors Children’s Charity offers the following programmes to vulnerable children in Soshanguve:

Hope Numeracy and Literacy programme

Children growing up in Soshanguve today are experiencing such challenges even adults in the bigger urban cities will struggle to cope with. These are challenges such as gambling, drug abuse, neglect, teenage pregnancy, malnutrition, crime, HIV/ AIDS, bullying and a lack of acceptable role models. These challenges are exacerbated by no strong emphasis on education, children failing in academics and therefore not able to meet life’s challenges and a resulting continuous cycle of grinding poverty. Which adult, who is in a position today to help these children to pick themselves up from a hopeless situation, can ignore such an opportunity? Hope Warriors provides the platform for the children to improve on their situation. Hope engages the learners in Numeracy and Literacy sessions twice a week using relevant and tested resources from partners such as Organizations Altus Sports and OLICO. During these sessions learners are given the opportunity to improve on their writing skills in the English Language and reading clubs are provided as well as Spelling Bees. Math skills are also taught and the impact of the numeracy and literacy sessions on these children’s chances to succeed in life are priceless. Please assist Hope to continue with these Programmes.

Hope Numeracy and Literacy Programme
Hope Numeracy and Literacy Programme

Hope Home Work Assistance Programme

Apart from the Language and Mathematics programme, Hope is assisting the learners with their home work every day in order to enhance their academic performance. A homework tracker spreadsheet has been introduced and is utilised to analyze the frequency or average of home work attended to in respect of every individual child. Both this and the Literacy and Numeracy Program are put in place in order to assist learners from Grade 1-9 with Language and Mathematics. In our view the two Programs go hand in hand. In order to enable these Programmes to succeed Hope aims to build and improve on our relationship with the local schools. Hope works hard to register vulnerable children in the Programmes and to ensure a high attendance rate. We also do our best to secure proper tutors and we are thankful for all those tutors who volunteer their services to Hope. At the end of Grade 9 we hope to have assisted the children attending these Programmes to have learnt to read and write properly in the English Language (which is a requirement for further education and also just to obtain employment in South Africa), to both comprehend and speak proper English even to the extent of being able to enter upon Debates and participating in Spelling Bees. On the Numeracy side, pupils should at the end of Grade 9 be able to count, do additions and subtractions, problem solving and understand mathematics concepts. Hope can only accomplish these goals with the assistance of sponsors and donors.

Extra- Mural Activities

Children are also just children and should be given the opportunity to play and to participate in other extra-mural activities, such as playing chess, colouring and drawing and participating in sports activities. Stories are also read to them and by engaging in these activities, they are kept from the streets and shopping mall where they are tempted to gamble, do drugs and get involved with gangs and follow other negative role models. Extra-mural activities are key to a balanced curriculum, a healthy lifestyle, enhanced personal, social and community development. Hope Warriors Children’s Charity is utilising these activities to revitalise the children and learners as well as to stimulate improved academic improvement and to trigger the absolute need for positive change in their young lives. Hope needs sponsors and donors to continue to create and improve on the existing extra-mural activities.



Hope Numeracy and Literacy Programme

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Hope Numeracy and Literacy Programme

Psychosocial Support

It is very important for children to learn to socialise, but also to learn proper coping skills. Due to the prevalence of HIV/ Aids there are a number of households headed by children or by a single unemployed parent. These children must guide and bring up other children, but they are children themselves. At Hope we are providing the necessary Psycho-Social support and referrals to ensure that the learners not only meet good mental health standards but improve on their own self-image. Only by having a positive self-regard can these vulnerable children attempt to rise up from the dire situations they find themselves in and break the horrible cycle of poverty and unemployment. Other psycho-social skills which are instilled in the children are good emotional and self-regulation skills and conflict resolution skills. Maslow said that a person will always strive but never be able to achieve self-actualisation. At Hope we motivate the children by giving positive feedback on their achievements, something which they may never experience at home or in the wider community. Hope helps them to dream of and plan for the future and future life events. Optimism coupled with realism is encouraged as well as the benefits of having a strong moral character. The children learn to commit themselves and to make good use of time. Spirituality or a sense of a larger purpose in life as well as empowering the children to overcome obstacles against all odds, are also skills they learn. Hope needs the support and assistance of anyone able to contribute in this regard.




Hope Kitchen programme

According to various studies malnutrition in children “is common globally and results in both short and long term irreversible negative health outcomes including stunted growth which may also be linked to cognitive development deficits, underweigt and wasting. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that malnutrition accounts for 54 percent of child mortality worldwide, about 1 million children. Another estimate also by WHO states that childhood underweight is the cause for about 35% of all deaths of children under the age of five years worldwide.The main causes are unsafe water, inadequate sanitation or insufficient hygiene, factors related to society and poverty, diseases, maternal factors, gender issues and – overall – poverty.” At Hope we are striving to provide meals to learners at least three times a week in order to supplement their diet. A menu time table is being used in the implementation of this programme, which includes all the healthy foods needed to assist and stimulate growth. Hope Warriors Children’s Charity is currently looking for partner organisations to assist in executing this important programme (e.g. the Potato Foundation). Any help from donors and sponsors in this regard will be greatly appreciated and put to proper use. Help these children to rise up from poverty and meet life’s challenges head on. Help Hope to help them to accomplish this dream!



Hope Numeracy and Literacy Programme